Beach Review: Playa Brasilito

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There are plenty of beaches near Casa Margarita. Playas Negra, Junquillal, Blanca and Avellanas are all just a few minutes’ drive, but now and again it’s nice to explore something new. On our last visit, that brought our little party to Playa Brasilito, just north of the famed beaches at Tamarindo.  It’s worth going a bit further, and here’s why.

First, there’s the beach itself. Uncrowded. Unspoiled. Gentle waves. and several great places to set down your beach chair.  Better yet, do what we did and pull up a table at Camaron Dorado (Golden Shrimp). The tables are right ON the beach, with an awning that keeps the sun off your heads while you dine. If it gets too hot just hop into the surf and stroll back to the table to a waiting Imperial.

There are many little shops around the beach, so you can find the touristy souvenirs that everyone wants you to bring home, including the Britt coffee. We found some tchotchkies to bring back for friends. The ride from Casa Margarita is only about 45 minutes, and if you really want to you can check out Tamarindo on the way home.  If you’re looking for that something different on the beach, then here’s a great spot for you to choose!

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