What’s New in 2018

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Hola friends!

Well, we spent a couple of wonderful weeks at Casa Margarita this summer, and after spending some time with Ray and Deyanira (our property managers), we decided it was time for some TLC – hard to believe we built the casa 12 years ago!

First, we replaced a good amount of structural steel that had developed some rust; we’ve replaced it with galvanized, rustoleum-covered steel so it should be good for a lifetime or two here in the jungle.

New beams installed in guest bath


That called for the replacement of a bunch of screens, so on Ray’s suggestion we took the opportunity to replace screens in the guest bedrooms with windows and glass doors; then we went a step further and sealed the bedrooms to accommodate the brand-new air conditioning units for each of the two guest bedrooms.

New patio doors bring the light

We didn’t take this step lightly; we have prided ourselves on maintaining a low-impact vacation home all these years, but people are people, and it’s clear that renters prefer this creature comfort. We haven’t put A/C in the master suite  yet, so if you’re staying with us and still want the jungle breezes to cool you at night, we’ve got that covered too.

On tap for the off season: We are adding a loft above the laundry area; there is about a 400 square foot space that we can convert into a sleeping loft with at least two bunk beds – that means we’ll be able to accommodate at least 10 people in the guest house. We’ll probably add another bath – perhaps where the large walk-in closet is; or maybe where the hot water tank currently stands at the end of the laundry area.

Ray is also getting quotes for a plunge pool; we would love to have it in time for 2019 season, but we’ll see.

Send us your comments, we can’t wait to see you at Casa Margarita!