A new mural to greet our guests

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When Casa Margarita was built 12 years ago, we learned of an amazing local artist – Johnny Coopwood – and commissioned him to create the trompe l’oeil mural that graces our dining room wall. That mural depicts life in Pura Jungla as seen through Johnny’s magic window, with local flora and fauna perfectly represented. We’ve loved it since day one.

When Johnny finished that mural, he pointed to our outdoor shower – the first thing visitors to our treehouse see – and said “I want to do that one next”. Well, next finally came this fall when Johnny was able to squeeze in a few days’ stay in our carport, transforming that bare shower wall attached to our bodega into another window – this one into a Tico seascape.

Of course, being two miles from the world-famous Playa Negra surf break, Johnny captured one of the waves we enjoy, with the life above and below the gleaming Pacific as well.

Now, when we come home, we will be greeted with a calming, beautiful view of our local ocean beauty.

I can’t thank Johnny enough for another amazing gift to Casa Margarita and Pura Jungla.



PS: Here’s what it looked like last week: