Welcome, 2022

Posted by mk@mkrieger.com in: Opinion

Are we all over the corona virus yet? Hopefully, this year will see enough of the population receive immunization so that we can go back to our normal lives. In the meantime, there’s always our getaway at Casa Margarita, where nature rules and the monkeys (mostly) keep their distance.

This year we had a local photographer come by at the end of green season to shoot some new aerial photos of the house and the area. We were very, very pleased by the results, which you can see on our photos page in all their glory.

For 2022, we have some big plans. First, we are beginning a project to bring fiber-optic internet to the house, which would translate into at least 20Mb both up and download speeds. During the off-season we will be replacing some of the wood decking, and also we will be giving the whole house a fresh coat of paint.

We are also getting bids for a swimming pool, which we will probably locate right below the living room in the clearing facing the ocean.

We hope you will consider visiting us again soon!