Facelift 2018

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Well, Casa Margarita is now twelve years old, and a dozen years in the tropical dry forest a mile from the Pacific has taught us some things about living in this eco-community.

We have seen lots of rust on the steel beams that circle the top of the construction, and so this spring and summer we started a big facelift project. During the next couple of months we will

  1. Replace all the steel beams that have rusted (and better rustproof their replacements)
  2. Replace virtually all the screens, windows, and sliding doors with new, aluminum-framed ones
  3. Re-paint the steel with Rustoleum (the deep red goes well with the teak)
  4. Re-finish all the floors and seal with polyurethane stain
  5. Cover all the ramps with shade cloth and plant vines to grow over them
  6. Odds ‘n’ ends including appliance replacement, etc

We will have it all done by the high season, and we are going to the casa this month (July) to check progress ourselves.

Keep tuned for more photos!

Facelift begins in Casa Margarita!

New beams installed in guest bath

Teak floor repairs, prep for stain and seal